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Receive a free Raise Your Vibration energy procedure and feel more love and light

One of my favourite energy procedures I do is called Raise Your Vibration. It's from a an advanced Integrated Healing training.

Recently it came up with 2 consecutive clients on the same day. It got me thinking that at the moment, with so many challenges, many of us could do with an easy way to raise our vibration.

With this in mind, I decided to offer it free for 3 people over Zoom that feel they would like to raise their vibration.

It's a really such a beautiful and empowering energy procedure that will help you feel love, feel blessed and will allow yourself to invite more love and light into your life, while also sending love to someone that needs it.

It's also one you can learn to do yourself. If you would like to experience this energy procedure for free, please email me on or fill out the Contact Me box on my website.

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