Lie down, relax and let your muscles do the talking

Kinesiology sessions can be done in-person or remotely. Everything is energy and everything is connected energetically. This is what enables remote and distance work to be so powerful. In-person sessions are done fully clothed and mostly on a treatment table. Muscle testing is used, getting bio-feedback from the body to identify the work needed. 


Work can involve the use of magnets, homeopathic substances, flower essences, thoughts or something that stimulates one or more senses. Work can involve the use of hands on healing, NLP techniques, acupressure and much more. 

Sessions are unique to each individual and every session varies from the next. For example, two people could come with similar symptoms but the sessions would be completely different. 

As well as helping with the main presenting symptoms, people often report that other symptoms have disappeared. Typically people feel very relaxed after a session, with an increased sense of purpose or positivity.


Often people will need to do "homework" between sessions. This is to aid the healing process. Not doing the "homework" can delay the healing process and result in a greater number of sessions being needed.


In-person sessions at Muswell Health Complementary Health Centre

First session 90 minutes - £75

Subsequent sessions - 60 minutes  - £60

Block offer - 3 sessions: £160*

Block offer - 5 sessions: £255

Children - £45 for one session

Skype/Zoom/remote sessions

First session (up to 90 minutes) - £60

Subsequent session - £50 

Block offer - 3 sessions: £135

Block offer - 5 sessions: £200

* Block offers must be paid in full but can be chosen after the first session.


Sophie Mercado


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