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Tailored sessions to suit your needs


Kinesiology sessions can be done in-person or remotely. Everything is energy and everything is connected energetically. This is what enables remote and distance work to be so powerful. In-person sessions are done fully clothed and mostly on a treatment table. Muscle testing is used, getting bio-feedback from the body to identify the work needed. 

Sessions are unique to each individual and every session varies from the next. For example, two people could come with similar symptoms but the sessions would be completely different. 

Often people will need to do "homework" between sessions. This is to aid the healing process. Not doing the "homework" can delay the healing process and result in a greater number of sessions being needed.

Self-love coaching sessions

These sessions can be done online or in person. A face to face session is done lying down or seated. Big transformations can be experienced in just one session but a block of sessions is most effective to make dramatic shifts and to come to a place of truth, self love and harmony.


In-person sessions in Muswell Hill, London N10 1LS

Up to 75 minutes - £70

Block offer - 3 sessions: £195

Block offer - 6 sessions: £395

Remote sessions

Up to 75 minutes - £60 

Block offer - 3 sessions: £155*

Block offer - 5 sessions: £300**

* 3 session block offers can be paid at the end of the first session

** 6 session block offers can be paid in 2 parts

Payment is required before a session and can be made via bank transfer or in cash.

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