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Ever wished you could ask your body what it needs? With Kinesiology you can do just that.



Kinesiology is a holistic therapy for all ages that uses simple muscle tests to identify stresses and imbalances in the body, before finding the best Kinesiology techniques to remove them.


Our bodies have the amazing ability to keep us healthy and deal with the stresses of life. But for many, when the stresses mount up, the body gets overloaded and needs a little help. This is where kinesiology can help.

The beauty of kinesiology is that it is holistic, treating the mind and physical body together.


Kinesiology helps bring about long term healing, rather than just short-term symptom relief. I don't diagnose illness but get feedback from the body about what is needed to heal, and to support the body in healing itself in a gentle, natural way. 


Kinesiology uses muscle testing as feedback from the body. I gently apply light pressure to a muscle and monitor the reaction. A weak muscle can either mean 'no' to a question or can identify something that is a stress to the body, such as a thought or substance. While muscle testing identifies the stress, acupressure points are held to correct the stress or block. 

Kinesiology often uses substances, such as homeopathic versions of foods, chemicals and pollens (among many others) which the body does not recognise or know what to do with. These are typically placed on the body, while acupressure points are held. Plant essences, magnets and crystals are also used in a similar way.

Often specific words, phrases or sentences are found to be a stress to the unconscious.  When these words are thought, muscle testing shows a weak muscle. It's quick and easy to correct these, removing and releasing any lasting stress. Other times the negative thoughts we have need to be reframed into positive ones.


Kinesiology is based on Ancient Chinese Medicine and the understanding our wellbeing is dependent on the balanced flow of energy through our body. Its ancient roots are combined with the modern technique of muscle testing and the understanding of how to return the body to a state of wellness with the vital life force flowing freely again. 



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What symptoms can kinesiology help with?

Kinesiology can help with many conditions and symptoms. Because the body and mind is so intereconnected, people often experience improvements in more than one symptom at the same time and often symptoms they had forgotten to mention.

While not exhaustive, kinesiology can help with stress and anxiety; feeling overwhelmed with life; dealing with big life changes and making decisions; overcoming fears and phobias; unpicking and dealing with trauma, both recent and distant; improving confidence and low self-esteem; boosting energy levels and vitality; reversing negative beliefs and patterns of negative behaviour, reducing allergies and hay fever; helping muscle pain; dealing with IBS and other digestive issues; boosting immune health and preventing colds and flu; help with weight loss; support the process of giving up smoking; support recovery from surgery; reduce pain and muscle injury; improve sports performance; balance hormones; supporting fertility; aid sensory issues and disorders; help learning and behaviour problems.

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