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Love is your true nature. Everything else is just your journey back to it.

I feel very strongly that a lack of self-love is responsible for many of the world's problems but closer to home is equally responsible for many of people's struggles.


And people have become programmed to think self-love is indulgent or wrong yet the opposite - self-hate - is acceptable.


I use the “I Love You, Me” process, which is a simple, yet transformative practice, designed to bring you back to a place of unconditional self love and acceptance. 

It involves a loving conversation with your inner child, seeing, hearing and loving them, while  acknowledging any pain and trauma carried, often since childhood.

Painful, traumatic events that remain unprocessed become limiting beliefs, sabotage programmes and often manifest in destructive behaviour or patterns. 

Another manifestation of not loving yourself, is being a 'people pleaser' and having a strong need for external validation and approval; not trusting or feeling safe in your own judgement.

Learning to love yourself deeply and unconditionally is a liberating experience. It brings you home to the truth of who you really are, empowering you to be who you want to be.


Are you ready to love yourself more?


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