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After careers in the film industry, teaching and PR, I know I have found my purpose

I can honestly say that for me no work is more rewarding than helping people heal, grow and find freedom, harmony and balance. I don't do the healing. You do that yourself; I just help your body and mind remember what it's innately able to do - heal itself.


For years I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I was envious of my friends who had always known their calling. After university I worked as a Government press officer, then worked in the film industry and then PR/marketing. All great jobs but I knew it wasn't my calling.


I retrained as a teacher as I knew I wanted to do something that was rewarding and which gave back to society. Teaching was brilliant but still I had that feeling that it wasn't my true purpose.

Then through tragedy, I discovered what I was meant to do. I sadly suffered with a miscarriage and was seeing an acupuncturist. It was through these sessions that I had an aha moment: I felt called to train in kinesiology, the holistic therapy I had loved since my early 20s. That was in 2015 and I haven't looked back since!


I would love to be able to help you on your journey of wellbeing, whether it is emotional or physical issues that you want to improve. I understand the stresses of life, have experience in the world of business and have been on my own journey to wellness. I'll listen, treat you as an individual and help you achieve your goals for wellbeing. 

Why work with me?


Before Kinesiology, I had careers in Marketing/PR and then teaching. I understand the stresses of work and of our modern lives. As a parent I also know well the joy and challenges of parenthood and family life. I draw on10 years of teaching experience, enabling me to help children with learning, the education system and school life.


I have qualifcations in Health Kinesiology, Integrated Healing, Touch for Health, Reiki Levels 1 and 2 and have done the one year I Love You, Me practitioner training. This is a transformational method of self-love coaching. I am registered with the  Federation of Holistic Therapists.  


I first experienced kinesiology 26 years ago when I was suffering from stress and IBS. It became my go-to if ever I was experiencing any physical or emotional issues. I also experienced amazing transformation with the I Love You, Me method. Having spent years being a 'people pleaser' and saying what I felt was right to fit in, I discovered my own truth and my voice. It's been a revelation.

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