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Love Natural - my new brand of skincare and healthcare products

I have a passion for natural, be it natural ways to improve health or natural products to use on my face, body and hair.

I've been making my own colloidal silver for a long time and this has been invaluable in boosting my immune system, healing cuts, wounds and burns, as well as using in eyes and ears and up the nose!

I was often asked for it, so am now making and selling 15 ppm colloidal silver in 500ml and 250ml bottles, colloidal silver gel, a colloidal silver nasal spray and a high strength colloidal silver spray for sublingual use or wound healing.

Having very sensitive skin has meant I can't use many shop-bought products. But even if I didn't have very sensitive skin, I probably wouldn't want to buy them knowing they're full of chemicals and endocrine disruptors.

So, it seemed like a natural progression to start making my own products. I've made a range of gels which have healing benefits but also great for generally improving the appearance of the skin.

No. 1 Skin Splendour: this is a gel can be used on the face or body to give splendid skin or deal with problem areas. It contains some very special ingredients, including shilajit from the Himalayan mountains of India and nano particles of gold and silver. My 13 year old daughter is currently using it and says "It's amazing!"

No. 2 Skin Replenish: this is an anti-aging gel with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, nano silver, nano copper and cinchona bark extract, with a subtle sent of frankincense, lavender and chamomile.

No. 3 Skin Repair: this healing gel is simple but effective. It's good for eczema, rashes and other skin conditions. It contains aloe vera gel, black seed oil, argan oil, colloidal silver, as well as the natural sulphurs MSM and DMSO.

Other products include include No. 4 Skin Glow, No. 5 Pain Away, Handmade Soap with Silver and Colloidal Gold Nasal Spray.

I'm currently working on some face and body butters which are looking lovely, a face oil, a wrinkle cream and an eczema balm with calendula. Watch this space.

I'm also working on getting a shop up and running here. If there's anything you fancy in the meantime please get in touch via the Le'ts Connect section or find me on Instagram

I can also make personal gels for specific problems. For example, someone contacted me asking me if I had something for athelete's foot. I didn't so I created something. If you have any health or skin issue that you've not been able to resolve, let me know. It's likely I can make something for you.

I make in small batches or to order so might not be as quick as Boots but made with love and made natural. Love Natural x

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