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I combine more than 14 years of experience in education with my skills as a kinesiologist 

The process and experience of learning can be challenging for some children and no matter how much support they have  in school or how much time is spent with them at home, blocks to learning can remain.


Using muscle testing and Kinesiology, I am able to ask the body what is needed and identify the blocks and stresses that are contributing to the problems in learning or school life.

I can work with young children up to teenagers and beyond. I understand the current primary school system and curriculum so am able to incorporate relevant learning activities with kinesiology to remove stresses.  


Below are some key areas that kinesiology can help but as with any person that comes to see me, the body will choose what is needed and the session will be completely unique. 

Kinesiology for Learning


Some children find it stressful when receiving sensory information. This means the environment they experience at school can be challenging. Others struggle to interpret sensory information, especially more than one sensory input at the same time.Where there is a learning difficulty, Kinesiology can identify what is causing the imbalance and remove the stress. 


Kinesiology can help identify where work is needed to develop physically. This could be to build fine motor skills or build body strength in a particular part of the body. Other work might support co-ordination and getting both hemispheres of the brain work together. This can help with balance issues, reading, clumsiness and dyslexia, among other things.  


Removing anxieties associated with learning leads to increased confidence, which in turn leads to greater focus and participation in learning, and improved behaviour. Children that have had even the smallest of struggles at school can develop anxiety, fears and stress in relation to school and learning. I can find the stresses, work on removing them and build confidence.

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