Is pain and trauma from your past impacting your present health and happiness

Do you feel like you live in the past, worrying that past experiences will repeat themselves in the future? Or do you have health conditions that just won't heal, despite the best efforts of many doctors and practitioners?


Do old fears and trauma hold you back, causing you to repeat old patterns of behaviour and the belief you're not good enough.  

If so you're not alone. For many living like this has become a way of life, and it can impact every aspect of life, including work, relationships and family life.

Throughout our lives all our emotions, feelings and experiences are recorded. By 35 years of age, 95% of your thoughts are in the subconscious.


Our earlier experiences shape our unconscious thoughts and, without knowing it, we are living today by the emotions of the past.  This impacts our mental and physical wellbeing, with root of many diseases and illness being the emotions held in the physical body.


The beauty of kinesiology, with the help of Reiki and self-love therapy is it can quickly tap into the subconscious and the stored emotions from the past, releasing these gently without needing to remember or talk at length.

Here are just some of the things I can help with using kinesiology, integrated healing, reiki and self-love coaching, working in London or online.

 stress, anxiety and fears

Feel empowered and confident 

Remove limiting, negative beliefs

Improve relationships with strong

Release the pain of the past

Feel calmer and greater sense of peace

Improve immune system

Identify tailored lifestyle changes

Identify and release allergies

Release pain and tension from the body


I was surprised at how my body responded and how Sophie picked up on issues that I had buried and ignored. After a couple of sessions my sleep improved, I felt more relaxed and was mindful of those buried issues which I could address in my day to day life.

Katherine, London

Sophie's empathetic, caring and warm personality instantly set me at ease, and it was obvious she wanted to make a difference to my life. Her skills and professionalism combined with her positive attitude enabled me to make progress quickly.

Andrew, Hertfordshire

Kinesiology with Sophie has helped me tremendously with various issues, from self-esteem issues, to my tension headaches and dealing with my phobia. After a few months, I now feel the best I've felt in a long time and Sophie definitely played a huge part in this. I'd definitely recommend Kinesiology with Sophie!

Nadia, London

I had 4 really good days and was trying to figure out what was different. Then realised my shoulders had relaxed. It felt amazing as it's the first time in years that I've felt that. I feel the kinesiology has brought about this change, so thank you.

Jo, Hampshire


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