The pain of the past does not have to define your present and future

Do you feel like you live in the past, worrying that past experiences will repeat themselves in the future? Do old fears and trauma hold you back, causing you to repeat old patterns of behaviour and the belief you're not good enough.

If so you're not alone. For many living like this has become a way of life, and it can impact every aspect of life, including work, relationships and family life. I'm a kinesiologist and self love coach, and can help you release the blocks from the past that keep you stuck in this way of living.

Throughout our lives all our emotions, feelings and experiences are recorded and remembered. We may not recall them all but they remain in our unconscious.


Those that are negative can manifest at any time as blocks to health and happiness, feeling 'stuck' and the creation of old programmes, emotions and experiences that don't serve us. This can turn into anxiety, fear and physical dis-ease.

I work holistically on the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual aspects to bring about healing to the whole body.

Release the subconscious blocks holding you back 

By 35 years of age, 95% of your thoughts are in the subconscious. These thoughts define your life. With all the will in the world, making positive changes when the subconsious mind has other plans is virtually impossible. The beauty of kinesiology is it can quickly and gently make changes at a subconscious level. With muscle testing I can tap into your subconscious and realease the blocks and old programming that is keeping you stuck.


 stress & anxiety

Develop self love 

Remove limiting, negative beliefs

Heal  emotional bruising

Release past trauma


I was surprised at how my body responded and how Sophie picked up on issues that I had buried and ignored. After a couple of sessions my sleep improved, I felt more relaxed and was mindful of those buried issues which I could address in my day to day life.

Katherine, 51

Quite apart from any pain for which you might need treatment, kinesiology is the perfect treatment for stress too. I did go with a particular area of pain which resolved much to my surprise. I am not sure what I expected but it worked!

Alice, 82

I've suffered with hay fever for years but in 2 sessions with Sophie my hay fever has gone. I don't know how it worked but I used to have a runny nose and itchy eyes all the way through summer but now it's  completely gone. I'm so happy and relieved.

Annie, 53

​"Sophie is very thorough. She puts you at ease and pays careful attention to the outcomes.  I feel less anxious and more at ease. Her recommendations for me to use clary sage and meditation have worked amazingly well."

Claudia, 46